domingo, noviembre 06, 2005

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Berrett-Koehler Publisher in Fast Company Magazine
Here's an interesting article about and up-and-coming publisher named Berrett-Koehler , based in San Francisco.
Just like so many Americans my friend loves the clubs and pop r & b lyrics so he went ahead and built an awesome website about pop r & b lyrics. When he's in high spirit he goes to the site and start reciting all his favorite pop r & b lyrics. Says it's good for the heart. Guess what? I gave it a shot and it works great!

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Blogger battle [Internet exemption from McCain/Feingold]
Posted on 11/06/2005 3:03:14 PM PST by Jim Robinson The U.S ... And eventually the Senate will take up a companion bill to the one Texas Republican Jeb Hensarling sponsored.
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